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Steve Gonzalez, C.G.C.
Upcoming Appearances:

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Steve will  be featured at the:
 Ft. Lauderdale Home Design and Remodeling Show
November 20-22, 2009
Broward County Convention Center

Featured Speaker, Presenting "The Top 10 Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners"

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Top Ten Energy Saving Tips by Steve Gonzalez, C.G.C.

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Welcome to Contractor Watch Dog .com!

Steve Gonzalez, C.G.C.
Owner’s Representative
"Helping Consumers & Contractors
Work Together More Effectively”

    What He Does For You:

    Works with you from the beginning to:
    Plan the design before you get an architect involved.
    Estimate all costs for plans and engineering, permits, etc.
    Develop a complete list of specs.
    Set a realistic budget.
    Select an architect or engineer and co-ordination.
    Edit plans prior to submission to building dept.
    Compile all documents necessary for plan submission.
    Run permit through process.
    Select contractors to bid.
    Negotiate with contractors and edit contracts to protect you.
    Manage contractors once they are awarded the job.
    Inspect work, coordinate with, and pay all contractors throughout project.

    Represent you on all aspects of project so you don’t have to deal with contractors

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The WatchDog Project Planning System is simple and makes all aspects of your building or remodeling project easier.

Hiring a qualified Project Planner can be an effective option to the traditional and often problem-filled approach to building and remodeling that involves hiring an architect or contractor right off the bat. An experienced, qualified Project Planner can help you effectively design your project for maximum energy efficiency and use of space, provide technical information for all aspects of your drawings, and help you develop proper specifications for materials and site work to ensure quality and timeliness.

A qualified Planner will also give you insight into partial and complete time frames, tell you what to expect during permitting and job execution, provide you with information on demolition (when applicable), analyze your living preferences to help you make effective product choices and develop a written version of your specifications to be presented to whoever designs your plans.

Finally, a qualified Planner will review and, if necessary, edit your plans after they are drawn and assist you in seeking bids. All in all, a Planner will help you eliminate the headaches and pitfalls often related with construction.

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